Sunday, June 24

'you are in exile until further notice' : Richard Scowen

we invited Dunedin-based circuit bender, lateral instrument builder, and general poet of residual ephemeral sonic lo-fi Richard Scowen to discuss his current residency at Stafford St. arts space Glue Gallery. Wandering discursive speculations on the craft-based nature of electronics, 'ecosystems' of sonic objects, collaboration and 'tinkering' as modality, as well as how to get a turntable to play a drum and turn a guitar into a synthesiser, were intercut by a tour through the solo and collaborative output of an artist whose practice leads toward fragile, irrepeatable structures. A soundscape recorded at the gallery with various hybrid sound-objects crafted during the residency's three weeks ended the show.

more on richard's Glue residency here

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