Sunday, June 10

the dark spot / broken suffering song: kousokuya and kaneko jutok

"Every single note was clear, it shrunk all the distance with its power" - Honda Shigeto, recording engineer on First LP

"For a group with a 25-year history on the Tokyo underground scene, Kousokuya have left very little imprint of their activities. Once heard, though, their sound is unmistakable -- a grinding, soaring sonic blackhole that charts the empty gulfs of tension-space like no one else this side of Fushitsusha" - Alan Cummings

Tonight Avant Gardening takes a dark, dionysian trip through into the weightier end of Japanese psych with Tokyo band Kousokuya (as well as a few tracks from leader/ guitarist Kaneko Jutok's solo and duo work.)

Kousokuya were among the less heralded stars of the incredibly fertile Japanese psychedelic underground. Only releasing a handful of albums in a 30 year history (plus a couple more for  the black leather and sunglasses-clad Jutok), its a corpus that presents a decisively articulated and powerful sound world.
Typified by Jutok's glassy, sharply defined and fractured guitar skree over a darkly churning, pummeling rhythm section equally capable at rushing forward downhill with weight and momentum or pulling back into endless flailing narrative-free suspension, they were an often astonishing unit, as strong and strange as much more heralded and prolific contemporaries like High Rise and Acid Mothers Temple.



1. Kousokuya, 'Removal' from 1st (1991)
2. Kousokuya, 'Dreams of the Recollection' from 1st (1991)
3. Kousokuya, 'The Miracle' from First Live 1979 (2006)
4. Kaneko Jutok & Kikukawa Takahisa, 'Kirin' from Wedged Night (2005)
5. Kaneko Jutok & Kikukawa Takahisa, 'The Wedge' from Wedged Night (2005)
6. Kaneko Jutok, 'Endless Ruin' from Endless Ruins (2001)
7. Kaneko Jutok, 'The Everlasting Labyrinth' from Endless Ruins (2001)
8. Masayoshi Urabe & Kousokuya, 'Scene 1 - the Western Lands' from The Dark Spot (1997)
9. Masayoshi Urabe & Kousokuya, 'Dream Shadow' from The Dark Spot (1997)
10. Kousokuya, 'Untitled' from Tokyo Flashback vol 1 compilation (1991)
11. Kousokuya, 'Shadow of a Dream' from Echoes from Deep Underground (2007)
12. Kousokuya, 'The Dark Spot' from 1st (1991)
13. Kousokuya, 'Broken Suffering Song' from Ray Night 1991-1992 Live (1995)

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