Sunday, January 29

nothing will have taken place but the place, except perhaps a constellation

Tonight's programme begins on earth, with a gathering of artists exploring the improvisational potential of a bounded, "isolated" Tasmanian eco-sanctuary island, and moves through a scattering of site-specific, installation based and compositional works that expand out toward the stars, exploring the aesthetics of an elemental minimalism as analogous to the potential of radio to hold durational listening spaces. Scattered, sparse structures (r)evolving in memory and time.


1. West Head Project, 'Spruces' from A Closely Woven Fabrik (Splitrec, 2010)
2. Seth Cluett, 'A Radiance Scored with Shadow', from Objects of Memory (Line, 2011)
3. Rolf Julius, 'Lonely Piano Music' from Für Einen Kleinen See (Because Tomorrow Comes, 2003)
4. Richard Garret, Meta (Line, 2015)
5. Absolute Value of Noise, Anna Friz, and Glen Gear, 'Natural Radio' from Somewhere a Voice is Calling (self released, 2014)
6. Jeremy Bible 'Messier 31' from Music for Black Holes (Aole, 2016)
7. Roy Montgomery, 'And Later We Looked Up at the Stars' from RMHQ, disc 3, H, Bender (Grapefruit Records, 2016)

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