Sunday, January 10

brett ian balogh: three works

Tonight, visiting Chicago radio artist Brett Ian Balogh joins us live in the studio to play some excerpts from three of his recent projects and discuss the state of the (radio) arts. 

Interferences (2013)

Interferences is a series of four broadcasts that took place on each Friday in July 2013 as part of experimental radio station Radius’ Episode 41. Each broadcast featured a different geographic site in the Chicago area where some type of built interference to the landscape had taken place. The content of each broadcast consisted of sound-encoded text, maps, photographs and drawings relating to each site. This content was broadcast on 88.9MHz FM. Each interfering broadcast created a temporary autonomous zone within licensed Hertzian space where the site asserted / advertised elements of its past, present and future with the same voice as the mass media broadcasts that enveloped it.

ISM (2014) in Unseen, Gallery Project, Detroit

ISM is a sound and radio installation that exposes a vast expanse of radio space punctuated by machine communications. The installation consists of an antenna mast supporting three antennas, each of which is appropriate for reception in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands. Each antenna is connected to a computer-controlled radio receiver, each of which is tuned to a particular frequency in those bands (920MHz, 434MHz and 315MHz). These frequencies are used by such devices as keyless car entry systems, wireless sensor networks and utility meter transmitters to name a few. A set of speakers diffuse the sound of the demodulated signals into the audio space around the installation, creating a sound composition wholly determined by the stochastic arrangement of devices operating within receiving range.

Soft Power (2015) 

Live Performance at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago on the occasion of Artists Johnny Farrow and Milaz Mozari's show, Soft Power. 

The 18 min live set featured an improvised composition of electromagnetic signals emanating from electrical equipment, including power supplies, computers, radios and cell phones along with some hand-built sound circuits.

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