Sunday, March 23

audio interventions / confession ritual : the work of samin son

Catching the Korean / New Zealand artist in his near non-existent down time while in Dunedin to collaborate with the Blue Oyster Contemporary Art Project Space on a performance series spanning an exhaustive programme of 15 events from the 13 March - 5 April, Avant Gardening took the opportunity to invite Samin Son on the show to play noise fragments and other shards gathered from his latest actions and performances in the South Island: Audacious Sonic Arts Festival in Christchurch, and the Work and Play performance series in Dunedin.

images: Justin Jade Morgan & Claire Pannell.



1. Samin Son, 'Orira', recorded at Yogiga Expression Gallery, Seoul, January 2013
2. Samin Son, solo performance at Pagan House, Christchurch, 6 March 2014
3. Samin Son, 'Confession Ritual', featuring Nick Graham, part of 'Work and Play', Dowling St. Studios, Dunedin, 22nd March 2014
4. Samin Son & Reuben Derrick, duo performance at Pagan House, Christchurch, 6 March 2014
5. Samin Son, 'Reading Cut & Paste Ritual, day 2' featuring Brendan Jon Philip, part of 'Work and Play', The Blue Oyster Contemporary Art Space, Dunedin, 19 March 2014
6. Samin Son, excerpt from 'Samin Son TV' solo exhibition at the New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington, 18 April - 1 June, 2013

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