Sunday, November 4

fragments of a broken glass / endless descent: suishou no fune

Fusing the classic japanese psych sound with an almost shoe-gaze fuzzy introversion, Suishou no Fune are based around Pirako Kurenui and Kageo, often as a duo, sometimes with the addition of a drummer. Moving slowly between glacial drifts and dense swells of noise with an unusual ability in the genre to generate pretty vocal melodies to ride through lengthy passages. Active since the early 2000s - and frequent world travellers, like many of the newer generations of Japanese psych musicians - and with a large body of recorded output, both self-released and through the international psych underground. Generally tending towards a moderately lengthy duration of build up of sound and emotion, Avant Gardening could go on for a while tonight...



1. Suishou No Fune - 'Your Tears Drop From The Sky' from The Shining Star (2007)
2. Suishou No Fune - 'Entrance to the Labyrinth' from The Gold Labyrinth (2008)
3. Suishou No Fune - 'Fragments of a Broken Glass' from The Gold Labyrinth (2008)
4. Suishou No Fune - 'Endless Descent' from I Throw A Stone into Endless Depths (2007)
5. Suishou No Fune - 'Uzume' from Mystic Atmosphere (2008)
6. Suishou No Fune - 'A Midnight Ode - Like the Wind' from Writhing Underground Flowers (2007)
7. Suishou No Fune - 'Go Go Go' from Live 2002 - 2003 (2003)
8. Suishou No Fune - 'Black Phantom' from Suishou No Fune (2005)
9. Suishou No Fune - 'The Storm of Light - Cherry' from The Shining Star (2007)
10. Suishou No Fune - 'Resurrection Night' from Prayer For Chibi (2008)
11. Suishou No Fune - 'I Descend into the Oasis of Your Eyes' from I Throw A Stone into Endless Depths (2007)
12. Suishou No Fune - 'A Rose Bloomed' from Where The Spirits Are (2006)

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