Sunday, December 18

'from the shoebox to the harddrive' : an idealstate sampler, and a lee noyes showcase

from his beginnings as a media studies student and noise experimenter
on late-night student radio in New Plymouth, through the sonic nadirs of Nelson toward his eight years of quietly catalytic collaborative activity in Dunedin and an increasing attention to off-shore internet based collaborations, Lee Noyes' singular musical presence has, to date, been a poetics of focused contradiction, ranging from cacophonous psychedelic percussive maelstroms to astringent electronic sparsities. join avant gardening for an eclectic trawl through the output of Noyes' own label, Idealstate Recordings, a platform for his own collaborative activity, as well as his many and varied other releases on labels such as A Beard of Snails, Last Visible Dog, re:konstrukt, and con-V. we begin the show with the radio debut of three new idealstate releases slated for public distribution in January 2012, and culminate with an interview with the artist recorded at his home in Dunedin, as well as a recording of one of his final live performaces in the city before leaving for Sweden, a graphic score composition for two acoustic guitars written by Alex Wolken.



1. Lee Noyes, track two from Xiazhi, (ISR1-12), Jan 2012
2. Lee Noyes & Radio Cegeste, 'ion and bird', from to orient themselves with coastlines (ISR2-12), Jan 2012
3. And/Also (Lee Noyes & Stuart Porter), 'Like Also and Any', from Like Also and Any (ISR3-12), Jan 2012
Lee Noyes & Motoko Kikkawa with Radio Cegeste, No. 3 Wave Magnitude, from Kinematics of the Sky, (ISR4-10), June 2009
Lee Noyes & Crude, 'Incarcerated Butterfly' from Crude Transactions, Artless Intent 2011
Je Serai Une Tombe, So What, from 19 X07, (ISRCD1-08), February 2008
7. Lee Noyes and Richard Neave, 'Mauled' from Unrepent, (ISR1-10), May 2010
Je Serai Une Tombe, 'Nihil est Nihil', from 19 X07, (ISRCD1-08), February 2008
10. Bury my Heart, 'Skull Death Dive' from Crows of the World vol. 2, Last Visible Dog (LVD 124). 2009

11. Lee Noyes & Phil Hargreaves, 'Smile for You', from A Present from the Pickpocket, Whi Music, 2005
12. Lee Noyes, Bruno Duplant, & Paulo Chagas, 'one hidden green pepper away from the birds' from as birds (re:konstrukt), 2011
13. Lee Noyes & J. C. Combs, 'Encrypted Note' from Confessions of a Deviant Machine, con-V, 2011
14. Lee Noyes & Barry Chabala, 'Yang' from The Shade & The Squint, idealstate, October 2009
15. Interview with Lee Noyes, 20th November 2011 (backed with
Xiazhi, (ISR1-12))
16. Lee Noyes & Alex Wolken, live performance of 'In a Breath' at Threave, Dunedin, 9th December 2011


  1. Hi Sally Ann;
    is it possible to listen to the R1 show that includes the interview with Lee?

  2. hi nicholas! yes, for those who missed the show, an edited version of the interview will be up as a podcast on the site at some stage soon. thanks, ~s