Sunday, April 24

sounds in between : sib radio gowanus #1.

this programme was dedicated to the first of two 2-hour broadcasts of SiB Radio Gowanus, a four hour edit of a multi-artist narrowcast radio installation project curated by U.S. based colleague Maria Papadomanolaki, initially sited in Cabinet Magazine's Gallery Space in Brooklyn, 17th-19th of March 2010. I (as Radio Cegeste) was one of the contributing artists to the original show, with a piece called The Book of Margins, recorded in None Gallery in 2009. it was a pleasure to host its return to the Dunedin airwaves alongside a veritable cornucopia of expanded-radiophonic sounds and musics.

curator Maria Papadomanolaki writes :

"Around the mid-1950s, Guy Debord coined a new genre of city mapping and exploration under the alias of Psychogeography. The serious “academic” model of creative expression was refined into a playful, intuitive and inventive quest of unseen and undiscovered urban cues and layers. “Postcards from Gowanus” and its radio exhibit “Sib Radio Gowanus” find a significant point of reference to the Debordian state of mind and suggest a new eye, ear and psyche to the landscape of Gowanus. The actual exhibits in the gallery claim a physical presence while the ethereal soundscapes create a new intimate locale inside the listener’s mind and psyche. “Sib Radio Gowanus” echoes the idea of radio as a wunderkammer. However, it surrogates this notion to an organic sonotopia that inhabits the audiovisual exhibits in a process of associative interaction. On a final note, the exhibition, as its title reveals, offers fragments of the artists’ audiovisual expeditions in the form of postcard-artifacts that encapsulate, in the best possible and “timeless” manner, the essence of the experienced urban environments. “Postcards from Gowanus” is a short but dense time travel to the heterogeneous manifestations of the surrounding area as encountered in snapshot mode by the different participants."



1st Hour

1. Amir Husak – Gowanus United Static of America

2. A.G – Polygon:08|3

3. Jeremy D. Slater – Floating Point

4. Myke Dodge Weiskopf – Dark Radio

5. Radio Ruido – abowl

6. Bitcrush – Raltech

7. David Smith and Heidi Prenevost – Double Helix

8. Todd Merrell – As March Times On

9. murmer – freon

10. Knut Aufermann – avi5

11. leaf loft – night still stills

12. A.G – Polygon:08|2

13. Radio Ruido – all artifacts

14. Sublamp – LetterlensToKidEyes

2nd Hour

1. Last Days – Walls

2. Myke Dodge Weiskopf – Helicopter

3. Jonny Farrow – Gowanus Walk

4. Dimitris Papadatos – Wagonsun Spectral Fragment

5. Myroslaw Bytz and Nick Heiling – Third Sight Gowanus

6. Maria Papadomanolaki – Union Street Bridge Pt. 1 & 2

7. verdi_spirali – on_earth@in_space

8. Mark Peter Wright – Vent

9. near the parenthesis – Gowanus

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